Supercute and lovely for your Mini You

Atelier Nuu Nuu creates cute and lovely designs for apparel and products for your Mini You, and is also focused on creating modern and elegantly designed sewing patterns sparked from innovation and expression.

As a little girl, the founder always watched her grandmother sewing garments for customers. The old sewing machines itself and what you can create with it fascinated her. The feel of deciding and designing what you prefer to wear instead of what the fashion stores offer you to buy captured her heart.
In her late teens, she began sewing by hand everything that comes her way. During this time, she designed a perfect butt-pants which was sold to her high school friends.

As this passion progresses, she was lucky enough to get her first sewing machine and right then, she knew there is no going back. Inspired by Hussein Chalayan, she went on to study Industrial Design and after graduation worked in many fields like 3D, interior design, visualisation, and graphics.

Gavari beliefs creativity is in everyone and by creating something, the world and all that is in it becomes vibrantly alive. Her way of inspiring creativity through Atelier Nuu Nuu include offering simple to read and understand DIY (Do It Yourself) PDF instructions and interesting accessories which will help you to create your own unique fashion!