Charming handmade stuffed animals


Toys sparks imagination, fulfils fantasy and at the same time contributes to children development. As children grow, there preferred toy type also changes even till they become adults.

To make your child toy different from that of his/her friends, consider making some cool handmade toys. Handmade toys can be used to surprise them or their friends as a birthday present.

Charming Handmade Stuffed Animals Ideas

Children are a great fan of animals. The love for animals is reinforced by cartoons and other children television programs. Deciding on making a handmade stuffed animal to surprise them can never go wrong.

If possible, get to know the child’s favourite animal to have something to work with. In case you do not know the child’s favourite animal, go for animals they are most likely not to have any phobia for such as whale.

You can make a whale toy by stuffing you cut pattern of the whale with an old jersey or cloth pieces from previous sewing projects. When you are short of idea, search the internet for handmade animal designs you can work with.

Things to consider when making Handmade Toys

  • Age: Handmade animal designs for children under 3 years old should do away with buttons. Use stitches design the eyes and nose where needed.

  • Fabric: Toys that are likely to be put in the mouth such as handmade baby animal toys should be designed using fabrics with safe chemicals.

  • Child’s Favorite: This has been discussed before but it worth repeating here. If possible, get the favorite animal of the child to work with. Children’s favourite cartoon can be used in determining this.


Free Ebook to download coming by next week:

For ideas of cute sewing patterns, we will update here soon our free Ebook with line drawings of animals like Whale, Bunny, Bear, Panda, Koala, Giraffe. Check by next week and we've uploaded the link surely.

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