7 Up-Cycling sewing hack ideas


7 Up-Cycling sewing hack ideas

The first thing we think about when we discover a cloth has worn out is to get rid of it. What if you can still make good use of it? By upcycling.

You can use your worn-out leggings to make a purse. There are also ways of upcycling shirts into bags. Also, in upcycling a shirt, you can just add some patterns to make it look different.

Here are some sewing hacks you can use to put those clothes you are considering to get rid of to good use again;

1. Upcycling Old Shirt

Your old shirt might now be too tight for you to wear. But it should not for your pretty little girl or handsome boy. Typical upcycling t-shirt ideas include converting the old shirt to a summer dress for your pretty little ones.

2. Old Trousers to Leggings/Jeggings

Old trousers can be restyled by cutting them to make leggings for yourself or jeggings for your daughter (if you prefer).

3. Upcycling Dress Shirts

Shirts can be made to look different and even new by embellishing them with well-designed line drawings of nature (plants, ocean, etc) or animals (such as elephant, horse, etc). This t-shirt upcycling is both easy and cheap to do.

4. Changing Sleeves with Lace

Sometimes some shirt becomes unattractive after being purchased all because of their sleeve. If you buy a simple casual T-shirt it may become more elegant to add some lace or pearls on it. Instead of abandoning them, change the sleeve to a material you prefer such as lace.

5. Add Lace to Jeans

Jeans is one of the favorite clothing materials of all women. Just as in the case of shirts, you can add some lace to your old jeans to give it a new look.

6. Add Pearls to Tops

Redesigning a top to improve its appearance can be as simple as adding some pearls to it. It will surprise you how much beauty the pearls could add to such top.

7. Add Tulle to Skirt

Instead of buying a new tulle skirt, upcycle one of your old skirts by adding some tulle at the bottom.

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